Troy Aikman Brings His ‘Eight’ Beer To Oklahoma

He’s known all over the country, but he’s one of Oklahoma’s favorite sons. So it only makes sense that Troy Aikman came to Oklahoma City, to launch his latest venture.

“I think a lot of who I am and what I believe was shaped during my years in Henrietta Oklahoma,” said Aikman.

NFL Hall of Famer Launches EIGHT Elite Lager in Oklahoma

An Austin-based beer company, founded by a former professional athlete and Dallas Cowboys star Troy Aikman, launched its signature light lager in Oklahoma on Monday, marking the first expansion for the 90-calorie Eight Elite Light Lager.

Troy Aikman’s EIGHT Elite Light Lager Now Available in Oklahoma

draft eight beer next to advertisement on the bar at Twin Peaks

EIGHT Brewing Co. announced today that its distinctive EIGHT Elite Light Lager (EIGHT) is now available in Oklahoma. EIGHT launched in Texas in 2022 and the company experienced immediate success. As a result of that success, company leaders were able to identify the opportunity to expand into neighboring Oklahoma. This gro…

Touchdown: Troy Aikman’s EIGHT Beer Available in Tulsa

Troy Aikman stepping out of a walk-in store fridge with a case of Eight beer

There is a new brew available in Oklahoma. Troy Aikman’s EIGHT Brewing Co. has announced their EIGHT Elite Light Lager is being shipped and sold in the state.

A successful launch in Texas 2022 has paved a way for an expansion in Oklahoma, the home state of the NFL Hall of Famer and Dallas Cowboys lege…