Education Articles

  • The Craft Beer Education Series

    The Craft Beer Education Series was developed to provide a fun, interactive beer tasting experience.

    The Beer 101 Course is an online course created for anyone wanting a quick hit introduction to craft beer from the leading organization representing America’s small and independent breweries.

    If you work in retail sales, the restaurant industry or are simply a burgeoning craft beer enthusiast, Beer 101 provides a solid introduction to the world of craft beer.

  • RateBeer

    RateBeer is widely recognized as the most accurate and *most-visited source for beer information.

    RateBeer is an independent world site for craft beer enthusiasts and is dedicated to serving the entire craft beer community through beer education, promotion, and outreach.

  • Beer 101

    Welcome to Beer 101

    Here you will find beer articles and general information to help in your beer-education. If you have a specific question, please feel free to email us and we'll school you in the world of beer.

  • Glassware

    Curious what glass to use?

    So what's in a beer glass? Hopefully beer, but there's much more to be found. Though some beer novices say "the vast majority of glassware is just marketing," this couldn't be further from the truth. As BeerAdvocates, we feel that beer drinkers deserve better than this. So here's the real deal...

  • Glass matter?

    “Does your beer glass matter?”

    During a very packed trip through New England last week, I managed to squeeze in a late tour to the Sam Adams Brewery where I learned that if a bartender attempts to serve my Sam in anything other than a sanctioned Sam Adams glass, I should consider sending it back.