Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Questions

Customer Questions

I do not have an account; how do I get one set up?

Setting up an account is easy! All we need is some basic information and photos of a valid ABLE License and Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit You can start the process by emailing your request here

My scheduled delivery day is not until next week. Can I pick up the product myself from the warehouse?

Yes, we generally offer a will-call option daily, Monday – Friday, from 8AM – 4PM  Please call your sales representative or reach out to our receptionist at 405-521-1511

Capital does not deliver to my location, am I still able to purchase from you?

If your business falls within our distribution footprint, then yes. However, we legally cannot sell products to any account outside of our assigned territory. Click HERE to review a map of our territory.

I'm a brewer and would love to discuss Capital distrubiting our products. Where is the best place to start?

We are always excited to look at new supplier partnership opportunities. You can start the process by sending us some info about your product HERE

If I order something and it does not sell, am I able to send it back for credit?

We follow ABLE Commission regulations, to learn more, visit

I’m interested in learning more about your products; whom should I talk to?

Your account representative is always a great place to start. Then, if you still have questions, you may contact us by phone at 405-521-1511

I don't own a business, but I love good beer, can I buy beer directly from Capital Distributing?

Unfortunately, no. All consumers must buy directly from a properly licensed retailer.

My account is set up; how do I place an online order?

We know each of our retail partners needs an ordering solution that works for them. Therefore, we offer multiple ways to place an order, including our mobile app and online order platform, DSDLINK. To request access, click here.

I'm interested in working at Capital. How do I apply?

Both Applications and open positions can be found on our Careers page.

How often can I get a delivery?

Most accounts schedule a weekly order and delivery. However, we are happy to create a delivery schedule that meets your needs.

I represent a business that purchases beer from Capital and have a question about a recent order. Whom should I contact?

We always suggest a quick phone call to your account representative, but here are some additional contacts that may help: 

Can I pay for orders in cash?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash payments. We do, offer multiple payment methods, including Check/Money Order, ACH Withdraws/EFT and FinTech.  We recommend ACH/EFT or FinTech for optimal convenience.

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